Welcome to The Social Media Spot. Established by Kate Condon, Director and Consultant. Kate is a social media, digital marketing and communications specialist with 10 years experience helping companies and not-for-profit organisations to grow and build their brands. Kate provides professional consulting, training and social media page management.


“Kate is an expert in social media and taught me about targeting the right people through social media marketing. It has been really successful in growing our social media and finding new customers.”

Ditte Stage Thomsen, Denmark

“Kate helped our organization in the development of our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. I greatly appreciate her enthusiasm, proactivity and professionalism.”

Eunah Schittekat, Belgium

“Kate was excellent and has really helped our organisation build its social media presence and understand social media marketing. Kate made social media marketing easily accessible and less overwhelming for someone who isn’t used to being active on social media.”

Jenny Ahlzen, Jordan

“I highly recommend seeking Kate out for her advice. I have really learned from her that it is important to have a social media strategy – and that strategy takes some expertise to plan and execute. Kate is an expert!”

Ted Stephenson, United Arab Emirates